Ghent, Belgium

This year I went to Ghent, a city in Belgium 🙂

It was a Birthday gift for my Grandmother so we went with all the girls of the family 🙂

We went two days and we stayed in the hotel: ‘Marriott Hotel’ it was beautiful!

It’s a 4 stars hotel and it’s located in the center of the city here are some pictures:IMG_5443IMG_5672

We went shopping and it was amazing!

There are so many cute shops in this city i really love it!IMG_5691

We had lunch in a litte restaurant:


In the evening we went back to our hotel ❤


The next morning we had breakfast it was really good 🙂IMG_5638

And after we had breakfast we took a boatrip!

It was a very fun way to see the city 🙂

So if you are looking for a nice citytrip maybe Ghent is a great option 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!





Formentera, Spain

Do you like a laid-back beach holiday? Then i would read on…

Hey everyone!

Sorry for being so inactive but i was very busy with school, but now i have summer vacation! So i’m going to try to write more for you 🙂 Meanwhile you can see my photos on Instagram and follow my travels ❤ ( my instagram is @_xgini )

When i went to Ibiza we went one day to Formentera, you can just go from Ibiza to Formentera with the ferrie.

We were staying in the north of Ibiza so it took a bit longer to get there (2 hours) but if your staying in Ibiza city i takes one hour.

But we didn’t mind because it was very fun on the ferrie ❤


when we got there we hired a scooter that was very fun!!

You can also hire a bike or a car ofcourse but a scooter was amazing, it’s a real scooter island 🙂

When we got to the first beach we were all like WOW the water was just amazing,

it’s a real paradise 🙂 ❤

Here are some pictures



We also went to a famous beach restaurant: ‘Chezz Gerdi’ it was so beautiful!

The whole place has a wonderful vibe, the music, the staff, the home made food, it’s just gorgeous… definetly a place to visit in Formentera! But you must keep in mind that it is quite expensive.



Here are some more pictures:


I hope you liked this blog! Let me know in the comments 🙂



Elba, Italy

Elba is a beautiful Italian island with beautiful beaches, hikes and more…

Elba is a tiny island by Italy and it’s famous because Napoleon Bonaparte lived on Elba between 1814 and 1815, and i visited his house!


I went twice to Elba and the second time we combinated it with the Cinque Terre there will also come a blog about the Cinque Terre 🙂

You can also combinate Elba with Corsica it’s a few hours with the ferrie from Elba to Corsica!

You’ll find spectaculuar beaches and clear water, there are long sandy beaches as well as many small hidden bays and coves. There is essentially something for everyone 🙂


We stayed at Hotel Biodola in Portoferraio it was amazing ❤

Pets are allowed and the location scores a 9,6 and the hotel a 9!!

This are some photos of the beach by the hotel, we went in may so there were not many tourists 🙂 And there was even wifi on the beach!!


The food in Elba is also really good ( of course it’s Italy 😉 )

The  food is wonderfully fresh, local seafood everywhere you go, with many prepared local dishes with locally grown produce 🙂

You can also hike at Elba with amazing views there are countless trails that cross the entire island ❤

Here are some photos during the hike 🙂


If you’re not a hiker there’s another way to get on the top of Monte Capanne: it’s the funicular (kabelbaan) located in Pozzarello 🙂

it’s a really fun way to get on top of the mountain with amazing views..

This is on top of the mountain ❤


Sooo… Elba is really beautiful you can go shopping, hiking, diving and cycling 🙂

Here are some pictures:


And we watched beautiful sunsets: img_4932fullsizerenderimg_4931

I hoped you liked this blog let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


Ciao ❤


Lago di Como

Last year i went to Lago di Como in Italy!


we stayed at Grand Hotel Cadenabbia and it was soooo beautiful!!

They have a swimming pool and pets are allowed!

It’s located next to the lake in Cadenabbia ❤

Cadenabbia is a smal village with a few shops and restaurants you can go with the ferrie to the other side of the lake to villages like Bellaggio and Varenna ❤

Here are some photos of Grand Hotel Cadenabbia ❤img_2511img_2510fullsizerender

This is the view from the balcony in Grand Hotel Cadenabbia ❤

In Tremezzo you can go to 18th century Villa Carlotta it’s a beautiful museum ❤



Lago di Como is not far from Milan so you can combinate Como Lake with Milan.


Bellagio is a perfect little town in a picture-perfect location:)

This tiny town is an excellent place to while away an afternoon, to spend a relaxing romantic holiday or simply to base yourself for an exploration of Como Lake ❤

I  ❤  Bellagio!




Menaggio is a popular holiday desatination with a good range of hotels

We went a lot to Menaggio because it was very close to our hotel and we loved it!!

There a lovely shops and restaurant and you can walk along the lake ❤

If you ever go to Lago di Como you should definitly go to Menaggio you’ll love it!IMG_2594.JPG


Como is the capital of lake Como it’s a lively and pleasant town ❤

The impressive cathedral Duomo was built and added to over a period of centuries and it’s very beautiful 🙂

There are also a lot of shops and nice restaurants in Como ❤img_2597


We went to Varenna with a ferrie it’s a small village (smaller then Bellagio) but very beautiful!

It has somehow a more authentic air then the other villages ❤

Close to the water you’ll find a couple of gelaterie where you can buy delicious ice creams ❤img_2580

I hope you liked this blog!

“Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life ❤ “


Gini ❤



Lago Maggiore, Italy

Lago Maggiore amore mio❤

We stayed at Grand Hotel Dino and it was sooo beautiful!!

Grand hotel Dino is located in Baveno wich is a small village with some shops and nice restaurants.


Lago Maggiore is part of the stunning Italian lakes, it’s 54 km long, it’s the second largest lake of Italy and the largest in southern Switzerland. It’s located in the Piedmont, the Piedmont are famous about their food they have the best food of Italy♥

We had driven 9 hours and when we finally arived i ate pizza at a little restaurant by the lake and watched the sunset❤


I also went to Verbania wich is a lovely village with many shops and charming streets i really loved it<3


Stresa is also a lovely village with really good food🙂 and lovely shops❤

If you go to Lago Maggiore you definitely should go to Stresa!


In the evening we had eaten in a restaurant in Baveno the food was so good🙂

I loved Lago Maggiore❤


Turin Italy

This summer i went to Turin for the first time and i loved it!

Turin is a big city with charming streets and shops i never thought that there were so many shops!

Turin is in the Piemont of Italy and it is famous because  of their Italian food, it’s the best food in Italy!



Turin is located in Northwest Italy and it’s the biggest city after Milan from North Italy.


And this summer it was my Birthday and we celebrated in Turin!

It was the best Birthday ever 🙂

We stayed in the hotel Principi di Piemonte and in the morning they braught me a little cake because it was my Birthday that was so nice 🙂


In the evening we had eaten in a little restaurant: Casa Gourmet i loved it ❤


in the center of Turin there was a beautiful restaurant: San Carlo it was sooo pretty ❤


The most famous building in Turin is the Mole Antonelliana it’s a musea and a viewpoint.

It was a beautiful view it’s worth a visit!


I hope you liked this blog!

Ciao ❤

Don’t listen to what they say, go see.

Ibiza, Spain

This summer i went to Ibiza for the first time, it was so beautiful❤

Ibiza is a real hippie island there’s such a peaceful vibe on the island that i loved so much.

You can go there for party but you can also go for the beautiful beaches wich i didn’t expect

In Ibiza there are a lot of hippiemarkets they are so nice if you go to Ibiza you definitly have to go there, there is also a nightmarket wich is really cool


if you really want to go to some beautiful beaches you can go with the ferrie to Formentera.

Formentera is an island next to Ibiza and it is just WOW sooo beautiful!! From Ibiza to Formentera is 30 minutes and it’s definitly worth it!

We hired a scooter and that was so cool everyone was on a scooter it’s an easy and fun way to see the whole island. But there will come another blog about Formentera.


We also went to Es Vedra wich is a magical place in Ibiza you can go there by car but you can also hike to it and if you are there you have to go to the cave there are a lot of hippie stuff in it and messages from people all over the world who have written down their wishes it’s just a magical place i can’t describe it you just have to go there 🙂IMG_4200.JPGThe center of Ibiza is Eivissa we went there twice because it’s very nice to shop, to take pictures or to party or just to eat and drink. There is a beautiful port we went there in the evening and there were so many lights it was amazing 💖


This is in Sant Joan de Labritja it’s so beautiful, the perfect dinner at the beach 💜



ciao ❤️♥♥

Summer always ends with good memories ❤